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TerraGear - Scenery Builder


TerraGear is a collection of open-source tools and rendering libraries which can transform publically available GIS data in 3D representations (i.e. 3D models or 3D maps) of the earth for use in real time rendering projects.

TerraGear is a collection of tools for building scenery for the FlightGear project. Generally, the process is done in two steps:

  1. Preprocess the original raw data. This chops up the data into the FG tiling scheme and saves it in a simple, intermediate format.
  2. Collect all the different pieces of intermediate data and assemble them into a 3d model of the terrain.

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Supported Platforms

TerraGear is actively been built on the following platforms: TODO Jenkins Link

  • Linux (x86)
  • Windows (MSVC, Cygwin, Mingwin)
  • SGI (native compilers)
  • Mac OS X
  • FreeBSD


TerraGear depends on


TerraGear is licensed under the terms of the << TODO_LEGAL_STUFF >>