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sg_types.hxx File Reference
#include <simgear/compiler.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>

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typedef double_list::const_iterator const_double_list_iterator
typedef int_list::const_iterator const_int_list_iterator
typedef string_list::const_iterator const_string_list_iterator
typedef std::vector< double > double_list
typedef double_list::iterator double_list_iterator
typedef std::vector< intint_list
typedef int_list::iterator int_list_iterator
typedef std::vector< std::string > string_list
typedef string_list::iterator string_list_iterator

Detailed Description

Commonly used types I don't want to have to keep redefining.

Definition in file sg_types.hxx.

Typedef Documentation

typedef double_list::const_iterator const_double_list_iterator

Definition at line 49 of file sg_types.hxx.

typedef int_list::const_iterator const_int_list_iterator

Definition at line 44 of file sg_types.hxx.

typedef string_list::const_iterator const_string_list_iterator

Definition at line 54 of file sg_types.hxx.

typedef std::vector< double > double_list

STL vector list of doubles

Definition at line 47 of file sg_types.hxx.

typedef double_list::iterator double_list_iterator

Definition at line 48 of file sg_types.hxx.

typedef std::vector< int > int_list

STL vector list of ints

Definition at line 42 of file sg_types.hxx.

typedef int_list::iterator int_list_iterator

Definition at line 43 of file sg_types.hxx.

typedef std::vector< std::string > string_list

STL vector list of strings

Definition at line 52 of file sg_types.hxx.

typedef string_list::iterator string_list_iterator

Definition at line 53 of file sg_types.hxx.