PLIB - Portable Game Library
PLIB was originally written by Steve Baker as a solo project - but
has subsequently been greatly enhanced and expanded by a 'cast of
Most important of all - the 'official' PLIB developers:
Alex Perry
Curtis Olson
Ben Woodhead
Dave McClurg
Gerard Decatrel
Gil Carter
Giancarlo Niccolai
James Jones
John Fay ("Mr. PUI")
Juergen Marquardt
Mark Vallevand
Marten Stromberg
Nathan Matias
Norman Vine
Per Liedman
Sam Stickland
Sebastian Ude
Steve Baker <--- Hmmm - must sort this list by SECOND name!
Will Lachance
Wolfram Kuss
Then, the non-registered contributors:
(Apologies to anyone I've left
out - please let me know who
you are and I'll add you in.)
Andrew Ross
Christopher St.John
Christian Mayer
Darrell Walisser
Dave Heil
Erik Hofman
Kevin Thompson
Karl Kremer
Negative0 <---- Who? Some kind of 1's complement arithmetic fanatic?
Mark Danks
Michael Kurth
Sean Palmer
Simon Britnell
Themie Gouthas
Tony Knienieder
Trent Gamblin
Special mention must go to:
Daryll Strauss (GLIDE port to Linux)
David Bucciarelli (Mesa -> GLIDE interface)
Brian Paul (Mesa)
Curtis Olson (FlightGear guru and all-round "Mr Nice Guy",
who nagged me into writing most of this stuff!)
Vasily Lewis (Tireless maintainer and sysadmin at Woodsoup
where PLIB was first hosted)
Toru Egashira (Who wrote a program called 'NSPmod' which was
the original basis of the SL 'MOD' player -
although the original code has been almost
entirely rewritten in the process of merging
it with SL.